Jim Edsall  Wildfowl Sculptures

Yellow Warbler, $450

Common Yellowthroat $550

Northern Hawk Owl, 16x18x9"


Yellow Rail, third in Advanced Division, 2016 World Championships               $750

Winter Wren, $550

Swamp Sparrow, sold

Downy Woodpecker sold

Marsh Wren, sold

Miniature Pomarine Jaeger on Inukshuk. 3rd Best of Show Advanced miniatures

Acrylic on Tupelo, 3"x 5"x7"  $450

Horned Larks, 2nd Best of Show, Advanced Life size, Ward World Carving Championships 2015, 8 1/2" x 4" x 5"       sold

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Jim's work is also on display at the Fog Forest Gallery in Sackville, New Brunswick and the Craft Nova Scotia shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sales and Commissions

Gray Jay, 18"x16"x10" sold

Chickadee, $550

Black Capped Chickadee, freestanding, sold(cat not included)

Cedar Waxwing, sold

Black Capped Chickadee,  sold

Tree Swallow, $500